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Electric Scooter

An electric scooter is a transportation vehicle that is popularly used worldwide. So we have to understand the electric scooter concept first to ride it.

It is a type of light electric vehicle (LEV) that is used by a lot of people due to several advantages – like speed, size, and cost efficiency. It is a very useful vehicle for short-distance travel.

Light Electric Vehicles have been available since the invention of its predecessor – the electric motorcycle – in 1911. Slowly this motorcycle has been modified and transformed into the scooters of today.

As with all LEVs, an electric scooter may have varying sizes, though basically the concept is that they are small. They can take usually only one person and some amount of cargo. An electric scooter may have varying speeds as well but usually fall in the range of about 10 – 15 miles per hour. As there are different electric scooter laws so it is necessary to know the local state laws and regulations to ride an electric scooter.

There are different types of electric scooters on the market today. These scooters are differentiated by either their power source or by the number of wheels. Based on the number of wheels, there are two-wheelers (the most common and preferred by people), three-wheeler (used by kids and those who want to learn how to use a scooter), and four-wheeler scooters (for people with disability). Based on the type of power source, there are scooters that use rechargeable batteries and those that use more advanced fuel cells (engines that convert chemical energy sources like gas into electric power).

These vehicles have been designed for short-distance travel. Its use is limited only to about 10 miles or less. One can buy and own this kind of vehicle for less than a thousand dollars. Though, of course, more sophisticated and advanced models are more expensive but still cheaper than buying a car. An electric scooter is really a desirable transport vehicle for short distances!

Electric Scooter Manufacturers – Company Highlights

The Electric scooter is the choice of most people when they want to travel around their neighborhood or run small errands on short distances. Because of increased popularity, several motor companies have been making, developing, and improving their scooter products. Among the many companies, perhaps the most notable scooter designs would be from Razor and Segway. These two companies have been the mainstay when it comes to the motor industry by constantly improving their technology and making their customers happy.

Razor is a company that “embodies the spirit of fun and freedom”, or so their slogan says. This company focuses on an economical electric scooters. Such vehicles are well suited for the common man who wants to have quality scooters. They offer designs for everyone: children to adults. Their models have one sitter or two sitters with some space for small baggage. The speeds of their products range from 10 to 15 miles per hour. A fully charged Razor electric scooter can run for about 40 to 45 minutes. The pride of Razor scooters is based on the highest technology, high-quality materials, and yet affordability.

On the other hand, Segway is a company that is based on heavy scientific and technological advances. This company has electric scooter models that are very sophisticated. As opposed to Razor, this company offers products at a higher price – though reasonable due to their cutting-edge designs. Their designs have been popular with most security organizations and the police as well. It is as if Segway focuses on formality while Razor draws on the fun. Segway models can reach 12 miles per hour.

These two companies are really leaders in the electric scooter x industry, seeking ways to ensure safe, fast, and reliable transportation for their users.

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