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Are you facing a frustrating situation where your beloved Hiboy S2 electric scooter refuses to turn on? Or Don’t know why Hiboy S2 Not Turning on?

An electric scooter that looks good and performs well, the Hiboy S2 is no exception. However, like any electronic device, it can sometimes have problems preventing it from switching.

Fear not, as we set out to unravel the mysteries behind why your Hiboy S2 (including the Pro and Max versions) won’t start.  Let’s know some common problems, reasons, and solutions for Hiboy S2 not turning on.

Problems Regarding  Hiboy S2 Not Turning on

The frustrating problem of the Hiboy S2 refusing to switch on is one that electric scooter enthusiasts occasionally encounter. Many factors can contribute and understanding of the specific issues is essential for effective problem-solving.

Low Battery: The scooter may not switch on if the battery is low or faulty. Charging for the recommended time should solve the problem. If not, consider replacing the battery.

Power Switch: A faulty power switch can prevent the scooter from starting. Check for physical damage or loose connections. If necessary, replace the power switch.

Charging socket problems: Damage or debris in the charging port can prevent the scooter from receiving power. Clean the port and check for visible damage. Replace the charging port if necessary.

Controller or wiring problems: Internal problems with the scooter’s controller or wiring can interfere with the power flow.

At your leisure, check for loose connections or damaged wiring. Seek professional assistance if necessary.

Faulty Engine: A faulty motor can prevent the scooter from starting. Listen for any unusual noise or burning smell. If detected, the engine may need to be replaced.

Reasons Behind Not Turning on Hibboy Scooter

There can be many reasons for problems with the scooter not starting.  These are given below.

Battery problems: The scooter may not malfunction. Over time, batteries degrade, resulting in diminished capacity. The battery can be fully drained if the scooter has been unused for a lengthy period.

Power Switch Malfunction:  A damaged or malfunctioning power switch can prohibit the scooter from starting. Continuous use, physical damage, or loose connections might contribute to the dysfunction of the power switch.

Charging socket problems: Damage or debris in the charging port can prohibit the scooter from receiving electricity. Physical damage or accumulation of dirt and debris can impair the effective operation of the charging port.

Controller or wiring difficulties: Internal faults with the scooter’s controller or wiring can interfere with the flow of electricity. Wear and tear, exposure to elements, or manufacturing faults may contribute to issues with the controller or wiring.

Malfunctioning Engine:  A malfunctioning motor can prohibit the scooter from starting. Motors can face troubles owing to continuous use, overheating, or manufacturing faults. Unusual sounds or burning smells may signal motor difficulties.

Solutions For Figuring Out Turning On The Scooter

Addressing Battery Problems

  • Step 1: First, connect your scooter to the charger and ensure a clean charging socket.
  • Step 2: Let the battery charge for the recommended time.
  • Step 3: If the problem persists, consider replacing the battery, especially if it’s been in use for an extended period.

Handling Power Switch Malfunction

  • Step 1: Inspect the power switch for physical damage or loose connections.
  • Step 2: Toggle the switch to ensure it’s working correctly.
  • Step 3: If issues persist, consider replacing the power switch for optimal functionality.

Resolving Charging Socket Problems

  • Step 1: Inspect the charging port for visible damage or obstruction.
  • Step 2: Clean the charging port carefully, ensuring no debris.
  • Step 3: If problems continue, consider replacing the charging port to restore effective operation.

Dealing with Controller or Wiring Difficulties

  • Step 1: If possible, check internal wiring for loose connections or damage.
  • Step 2: Ensure all connections are secure and free from visible issues.
  • Step 3: Seek professional assistance, as internal faults may require expert attention.

Managing a Malfunctioning Engine

  • Step 1: Listen for unusual sounds or detect burning smells when starting the scooter.
  • Step 2: If issues are detected, seek professional assistance or consider replacing the motor for smooth operation.

Following these step-by-step procedures, you can effectively troubleshoot and overcome the non-startup problems with your Hiboy S2 electric scooter.

Professional assistance or consultation with the manufacturer may be necessary if difficulties persist. You can also read our articles related to Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter: 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Why won’t my Hiboy S2 turn on, even after charging the battery?

-If the scooter doesn’t turn on after charging, it could indicate a faulty battery. Consider replacing the battery, especially if it’s been used for an extended period.

  1. How can I identify a power switch malfunction on my Hiboy S2?

 – Inspect the power switch for physical damage or loose connections. If the switch seems problematic, replacing it can resolve startup issues.

  1. Is it normal for the charging port to cause startup problems on the Hiboy S2?   

– Damage or debris in the charging port can indeed prevent the scooter from starting. Cleaning the port and replacing it if damaged can rectify the issue.

  1. What should I do if I hear unusual sounds or notice a burning smell when attempting to start my Hiboy S2?

 –  Unusual sounds or burning smells may indicate a faulty motor. Seek professional assistance or consider replacing the motor for optimal performance.

  1. Can I troubleshoot internal wiring or controller issues on my Hiboy S2 myself?

-If comfortable, you can check for loose connections or damage in the internal wiring. However, seeking professional assistance is advisable for resolving internal faults effectively.

More Faq Related To Hiboy S2 Not Turning on

  1. How often should I replace the battery on my Hiboy S2?

-The battery lifespan depends on usage and charging habits. Consider replacing the battery if you notice diminished capacity or if the scooter struggles to start even after a full charge.

  1. Are there any signs that indicate a malfunctioning power switch before the Hiboy S2 fails to turn on?

   -Yes, signs of a malfunctioning power switch include difficulty toggling or a lack of response when attempting to turn on the scooter. Inspect for physical damage or irregular behavior.

  1. Can a damaged charging port lead to long-term issues with my Hiboy S2’s startup?

-Yes, a damaged charging port can impede the scooter’s ability to receive power, leading to persistent startup problems. Regularly inspect and clean the charging port to avoid long-term issues.

These frequently asked questions provide additional insights into potential concerns with the Hiboy S2 not turning on and offer guidance on troubleshooting and maintenance.


Users can increase the chances of solving the problem of the Hiboy S2 not starting by systematically addressing these potential problems and following the appropriate remedies. It is advisable to contact Hiboy Customer Service or a professional engineer if complications persist.

Regular maintenance and timely replacement of components are crucial for ensuring the scooter’s reliable performance over time. If uncertainties persist, seeking assistance from the manufacturer, contacting Hiboy Customer Service, or consulting with a professional engineer is recommended for a comprehensive solution.


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