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Electric Scooter Parts You Can Buy Online

An electric scooter, like any other electric vehicle, is made up of a battery, a deck, a handlebar, a motor, brakes, and wheels. The battery powers the bike, while the handlebar helps steer and controls acceleration and braking.

Brakes are necessary for safety, and wheels give stability and traction. Most electric scooters have frames composed of carbon fiber or a blend of carbon fiber and aluminum. The details and auxiliary components are made from silicone, silicone rubber, silicone plastic, steel, and plastic. But let’s get into the details to give you a broader picture.

Every electric scooter will include the following components:

Chassis (stem + deck)

The main framework of the scooter. Think of it as a body holding all the organs. In this case, it integrates the motor, the battery, handlebars, wheels, etc. altogether.


Used to hold on to and control the scooter. Consists of a throttle, brakes, and a speedometer. A display screen may or may not be present. Most scooter handlebars come with a folding mechanism. 

Electric motor

Most scooter motors are brushless electric motors. They are known to be more quiet & efficient. They have a better lifespan than brushed motors.

Battery and Controller

The battery is the power source of the scooter while the controller regulates the electrical outflow. The batteries are lithium-ion batteries. The speed depends on the Battery’s capacity. Additional batteries can be added.  


Necessary to charge the electric scooter. Comes with a scooter. Consists of a power adapter that connects to an electrical outlet. The cable on the other side connects to the scooter charging port.  

Electronics and Wires

Connects all the components such as the battery, motor, handlebar, lights, etc. Some scooters come with ports so riders can connect smartphones, Bluetooth, or other devices.

Throttle mechanism

Usually found on the handlebar. Riders can accelerate, steer, regulate speed, and brake. The throttle can either be a thumb-operated lever, or a twist-grip throttle.

Braking mechanism

The essential safety mechanism. Most e-scooters use drum or disk brakes. 


Some high-end models come with display screens. Shows necessary pieces of information like speed, battery charge, travel distance, etc. Notable display types are LCD, LED, OLED, and touchscreen displays. Some scooters can use a smartphone app.  


Most scooters are two-wheeled vehicles. Electrical scooters can be front-wheel, rear-wheel, or all-wheel drive. Stability and traction depend on the wheel size.


Tires can either be air-filled or just solid rubber tires. Airfilled tires provide better shock absorption but need more maintenance.  


These are covers that protect the riders from debris such as water, mud, dirt, etc. Typically made with plastic metal carbon fiber etc.


Another safety feature if nightly commutes are your thing. Most scooters come with a headlight(white) and a tail light (red). Some also feature turn lights. It’s important to note that some e-scooters don’t come with lights included. 

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Besides the essential parts, some scooters may have:

  • Suspension systems (arms, springs): Helps absorb shocks and vibrations for smoother rides.
  • Key and alarm: Security measures for your scooter for theft prevention.
  • Seat: Can be built in or as a detachable add-on for a comfortable ride.
  • Basket or trunk: Allows you to carry things.
  • Bell or Horn: Can be useful on crowded streets or blind corners
  • Mirror: If you wanna see what’s behind you.

The rider has to be equipped with safety features, mainly a helmet to protect himself from head injuries. Elbows and kneepads can also be included.

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