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I couldn’t resist giving a detailed review of the MAXSHOT V1 Electric Scooter, after knowing its outstanding features and functions like 350W motor, up to 19 mph speed, and range of 21 miles. From my long-time experience, I would highly recommend this electric scooter for adults. 

We know how electric scooters are ruling as a well-known medium of eco-friendly transport and in 2024 the market will approximately earn 55 million dollars estimated by Statista. As adults hold a great number using electric scooters, they should know the great ones. 

Maxshot V1 impressed me since I got familiar with and researched this scooter, I have decided to write an in-depth review about this and introduce an amazing ride to the youth. 

If you miss this review, you will surely make a huge loss! So, read till last and thank me later.

MAXSHOT V1 Electric Scooter

The MAXSHOT V1 Electric Scooter changed the game with its incredible range, speed, foldable feature, strong engine, and powerful motor. its simplicity of use, it stands up to its in the competitive market of electric scooters. 

Now let’s get to know better by going through the expanded review and make a wise buying decision.

Key specifications

Motor350W Motor
Maximum Load264 lbs
Speed19 Mph
Charging Time3 to 4 hours
Special FeaturesFolding system with dual brakes, mobile app control, and a removable battery
Display TypeLED
Miles Range21 miles (Max)
Weight Limit31 Pounds
Wheel Size8.5 Inches
Wheel TypeSolid
Weight of Item31 pounds
Warranty1 Year

Product details

The MAXSHOT V1 Electric Scooter is a great transportation option for adults. What I like the most about it is its excellent 350W motor and battery with high capacity. For that, it is perfect for the adults to continue short journeys.

This can achieve up to 19 mph and a maximum range of 21 miles under certain conditions. Also, the good part It is quite portable, weighing 31 pounds, and it folds up in three seconds. Maxshot V1 portable and foldable advantage, there will be zero storage problems.

Another amazing feature of this electric scooter for adults is the standard headlight system which makes night travelling super easy. Along with the dual brake system with UL2272 certification it ensures top safety to the young riders. Its 8.5″ solid tires with a honeycomb design are low maintenance and need no repairs or inflation, making for hassle-free riding.

In addition, the scooter’s LED display, and detachable battery add extra charm to its user-friendly design. By this you can charge the battery separately  Also, you can easily control the system in the Tuya App, on your mobile through Bluetooth. It comes with a one-year guarantee and offers quick customer care.

In terms of performance, safety, and convenience, the MAXSHOT V1 Electric Scooter is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a dependable and effective means of urban transportation


  • A powerful 350W motor with a top speed of 19mph assures an enjoyable ride.
  • Smart Foldable system and portability eliminating storage issues.
  • User-friendly features like a dual brake system, LED display, and mobile app control.


  • Not suitable for long journeys.
  • Limited weight of 264 Ibs.
  • Might not be very smooth on bumpy or uneven surfaces.

Is  MAXSHOT V1 Electric Scooter a Better Choice For Adults?

Today’s young generation requires the utmost quality and clarity. The adults have certain demands, and for me, the Maxshot V1 Electric Scooter meets those needs by providing an upgraded experience in addition to a means of flexibility. 

The most impressive part of this scooter for me is that with a 350W motor that can power your trip at up to 19 mph, it does more than simply get you where you’re going. This makes it ideal for folks who lead active lives. Its flawless integration of style and technology, which makes a scooter fashionable but useful companion for the contemporary adult traversing the urban jungle, is what makes it unique, rather than merely its folding mechanism. 

The MAXSHOT V1 combines innovation and elegance, making it not only a scooter but also a perfect example of adulting. This includes its LED display and mobile app control.

Still, there are more top-notch electric scooters like- the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter, Segway Ninebot ES4, and Razor E300  but the Maxshot V1 is perfect for me. You can check out the comparison and decide on your own.

Comparison Table For MAXSHOT V1

Electric ScooterMAXSHOT V1Xiaomi Mi Electric ScooterSegway Ninebot ES4Razor E300
Motor350W250W300W + 300W250W
Maximum Load264 lbs220 lbs220 lbs220 lbs
Speed19 mph15.5 mph18.6 mph15 mph
Charging Time3-4 hours5 hours7 hours12 hours
Special FeaturesFolding system with dual brakes, mobile app control, and a removable batteryFolding system with disc brake and eABS, mobile app control, and cruise controlFolding system with dual brakes, mobile app control, and LED displayTwist-grip acceleration control and hand-operated rear brake
Display TypeLEDNoneLEDNone
Miles Range21 miles18.6 miles28 miles10 miles
Weight Limit31 lbs26.9 lbs30.9 lbs43 lbs
Wheel Size8.5 inches8.5 inches8 inches10 inches
Type of WheelSolidPneumaticSolidPneumatic
Weight of Item31 lbs26.9 lbs30.9 lbs43 lbs

Pro-Tips for Using Maxshot V1 Electric Scooter

To take the highest advantage of the Maxshot V1 electric scooter,  I am providing some tips for you. Try to follow each and get the best user experience.

  • Explore its advantages by learning the quick folding feature for easy carrying.
  • To maintain optimal battery health, charge frequently.
  • For safe riding, use both brakes and wear protective clothing.
  • Check the customized controls and settings inside the app.
  • To guarantee a smooth ride, check tires for wear and debris.
  • keep your weight within the limited range.
  • Examine the folding mechanism, lights, and brakes regularly.
  • Modify your speed to make the trip more comfortable, particularly over rough terrain.
  • Make use of the bright headlight to improve your visibility while riding at night.
  • Establish a charging schedule to maximize battery life 
  • Join online groups to get advice and perspectives from other MAXSHOT V1 owners.
  • To improve comfort and stability, modify your riding technique according to the surface.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is the MAXSHOT V1 electric scooter fit for off-road adventures?

 – The MAXSHOT V1 is an electric scooter mainly intended for urban travel and softer ground. While it can handle rough terrains to some extent, it’s not designed for lengthy off-road use. Riders should apply care and use suitable terrains for an ideal experience.

2. Can the MAXSHOT V1 be ridden in the rain?

 – While the MAXSHOT V1 is made to resist light rain and splashes, it’s wise to avoid prolonged to heavy rain or submersion in water. Riding in wet circumstances may affect the scooter’s performance, and users should favor safety by avoiding slippery areas.

3. Is there a recommended age limit for using the MAXSHOT V1 electric scooter? 

– The MAXSHOT V1 is ideal for a wide range of age groups, but it’s important to consider local laws and safety standards. Generally, riders should be aware of their local rules regarding electric bike usage and stick to any age limits or requirements.

4. How do I keep and care for the MAXSHOT V1 battery electric scooter?

– To improve the lifespan of the battery, it’s suggested to charge the MAXSHOT V1 electric scooter regularly, especially if not in use for an extended time. Additionally, keeping the scooter in a cool, dry place when not in use can help maintain battery health.

5. Are new parts easily available for the MAXSHOT V1?

 – Yes, new parts for the MAXSHOT V1 are usually available through approved dealers or the maker. Regular repairs, such as changing worn-out tires or brake components, can be done to ensure the scooter’s life and best performance.


I do prefer and recommend this electric scooter because, beyond its technical features and specialty, the MAXSHOT V1 electric scooter carries a sense of style and flexibility. The attention to detail in its design, combined with the careful diversity of features, shows a dedication to offering a well-rounded electric bike experience.

If you are crossing urban areas or enjoying relaxed rides, the MAXSHOT V1 serves as a reliable partner, offering not just efficiency but a sense of style and class to users discovering the electric scooter lifestyle, specially designed for adults.

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