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Maybe a question may arise in your brain how to make an electric scooter faster? When it comes to acceleration, electric vehicles are quicker than combustion engines. That’s because electric motors don’t have the complex mechanics of a gasoline-powered vehicle that delays the momentum. And it’s no different for electric scooters either. 

Top speed on the other hand is where you might find it lacking. You see, as revolutionary electric vehicles are, they tend to be power-hungry machines and aren’t quite energy efficient. So to preserve energy, manufacturers limit the top speed, so you don’t end up walking halfway to your destination. But let’s say you’re a busy man, time is money.

You want to get there as fast as possible.  Then worry not, ’cause we got you covered. In this article, we will show you how to get your electric scooter faster so you can reach your destination on time. Before you read how to make an electric scooter faster you can find some useful information here about electric scooter speed limitations.

Reduce the load on your scooter

Start by removing any extra accessories you don’t need. The weight of an e-scooter can be reduced by removing accessories like a basket or phone holder.

Lighter materials can be used to replace parts like wheels, handlebars, and decks without sacrificing functionality or safety. Change the battery to a lighter one, but check to make sure it still has enough power.

If you frequently transport objects on a scooter, attempt to lighten their load or avoid doing so altogether. Maintaining the scooter in good condition might also help it lose weight over time.

Switch To The Fastest Mode On Your E-Scooter

Electric scooters often have multiple modes that the rider can pick. The specific modes available may differ based on the scooter’s type and manufacturer. But most of them are likely to have the mode that puts your scooter at its maximum speed and acceleration.

It can be referred to as “race mode”, “sport mode”, or “turbo mode”, depending on which e-scooter you use. It drains the battery quickly. To compensate for this issue, adding a second battery might help.

Install a second battery 

This is one of the common methods that is being used by e-scooter users. Adding a battery can power the motor more efficiently, enabling you to travel at higher speeds and accelerate more quickly. The motor’s power output and the weight it is carrying impact an electric scooter’s speed.

The voltage and capacity of the battery system can be increased by adding a second battery, which can supply more power to the motor and lead to faster acceleration and better performance. 

Adding another battery might also make your scooter more stable but that depends on where it’s placed. Some e-scooter brands come with additional battery slots so you can add them if you’d like. 

Modify the gearing voltage

Modifying a scooter’s gearing voltage can assist to boost its top speed, acceleration, and torque, helping it to go faster and more efficiently. It can also be used to fine-tune the scooter’s performance to match specific demands and preferences, such as allowing it to climb hills or go over difficult terrain.

Changing a scooter’s gearing voltage can be challenging and requires specialized skills and equipment. If done incorrectly, the electrical system or other components of the scooter may be damaged.

It can also restrict the scooter’s range and make it difficult to control. So make sure you do it through professional mechanics if you’re not up for the task.

Upgrade the motor

A more powerful motor can provide better acceleration and higher top speeds, making your scooter faster and more efficient. It can also help your scooter climb hills more easily, reducing the strain on the motor and improving the overall riding experience.

Depending on the specific upgrade, a more efficient motor can help to improve the overall range of your scooter, allowing you to travel long distances on a single charge.

Upgrading the motor can be expensive and can lead to reduced battery life, reduced portability, and a potential void of the scooter’s warranty. This could leave you without coverage in the event of a mechanical failure or other issues. 

Unlock or remove any speed restrictions on your scooter

Some electric scooters come with a built-in speed limiter. It’s a mechanism that sets an upper limit on the scooter’s top speed. This is done for safety as it can stop the rider from going over the posted speed limit and possibly causing an accident. 

But if that’s not your concern and you want to unleash your scooter’s fullest potential, you can remove the speed restrictions.

The process of unlocking the speed limiter differs in most scooters. Some require you to Hard reset the controller while on other brands just unplugging the limiter from your scooters will do the job.

It should be noted that modifying your electric scooter comes with a few set of disadvantages. The speed of the e-scooter is limited not just for reducing energy consumption but also for safety reasons.

Riding an electric scooter at high speeds can be dangerous, and riders should always wear protective equipment and follow local traffic laws. The procedures themselves are costly and might require professional assistance.

Some of the procedures might not even be legal, so make sure you are aware of the city’s laws & regulations for your scooter.

Lastly, modifying any parts of the scooter will get your warranty voided as well as reduce the resale value. So be aware of these drawbacks before going forward with the decision. 

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