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Electric batteries are what power electric scooters. They’re not the same for different brands. So if you plan to replace or add a second battery, here’s a guide to electric scooter batteries.

Nothing on this earth can be functional without an energy source. We humans need food to function, and Car engines need fuel. And for electric vehicles, you need a battery. Electric scooters are no different. And having knowledge about them is necessary.

Now we won’t bore you with too many technical details. We will go over a few important details that will help you familiarize yourself with it so you can have a basic understanding.

The Batteries of an electric scooter

Electric scooters are typically powered with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The battery powers the motor that moves the scooter. As well as other accessories such as lights, controller display, etc. A scooter’s battery size varies by scooter model. But generally, battery size ranges from 250-1000 watts.

Why Lithium-Ion?

The use of Lithium-ion batteries in electrical devices is widespread. Laptops, phones, tablets, you name it. Almost every rechargeable device uses Lithium Ion batteries.

And the reasons because:

  • It has a High energy density
  • A Long cycle life
  • Fast charging
  • Low self-discharge rate
  • Super Lightweight

How long do the batteries last?

Generally, a scooter’s battery lifespan can last from 500 to 1000 charging cycles. Meaning it’s good up to somewhere between 3000 and 10000 miles. Also, the lifespan decreases as the battery ages. And batteries can be good for up to 2-4 years, depending on the battery, of course.

But it all comes down to how you use and maintain it. Because that can drastically shorten or lengthen the lifespan.

The battery life can be reduced if the battery is completely drained frequently or left to discharge for extended periods. Environmental effects such as extreme temperatures or physical damage can make the battery completely useless.

If you want to maximize the lifecycle you can:

  • Follow manufacturer guidelines and instructions
  • Store in a moderate-temperature environment
  • Maintain your scooter properly.
  • Avoid full discharges
  • Charge after use
  • Keep it dry

Battery Replacement

Unfortunately, Lithium-Ion batteries aren’t long-lasting, or indestructible. As stated most electric scooter batteries can last up to 2-4 years. Also, the battery can get damaged due to accidents or extreme temperatures. Your charge can deplete instantly after use, or won’t charge at all. And heavens forbid if they explode, then you have a potential life hazard on your hand. In that case, battery replacement becomes vital.

Your electric scooter’s particular model will determine whether you need to add a spare battery or replace the one you already have. While some electric scooters have fixed batteries that need professional hands to remove or replace, others feature removable batteries that can be swapped out for fresh ones. Electric scooters with removable batteries typically offer better flexibility and range, while those with permanent batteries are frequently smaller and lighter.

Different Scooters, Different Batteries

One might have the “bright” idea of using just any battery on any scooter. “In the end, they’re all batteries, right? What gives?” Well, due to compatibility, safety, and other technical concerns, adding a battery intended for a different e-scooter is a bad idea.

Batteries for different electric scooters exist in a variety of sizes and capacities, and the battery from one model might not fit or work with another. Even if it does fit, there’s the issue of voltage, current, or connection type being different, which could cause the electric scooter to operate poorly or even get damaged. And there’s always the risk of violating your vehicle’s warranty.

To guarantee optimal performance and safety, it’s best to use the original or suggested replacement battery for your electric scooter.

Here are five well-known batteries of electric scooters that are widely used:

Segway Ninebot Battery Pack

Segway Ninebot Battery Pack: Compatible with the ES1, ES2, and ES4 electric scooters. Comes with a 187Wh capacity. It can extend the range by up to 28 miles. 

Gotrax Battery: Compatible with the GXL & GXL V2 electric scooters. With a 36V 7.0Ah capacity, it can provide up to 12 miles of range.

Razor E300 Battery: Compatible with the E300, E300S, E325, & E325S electric scooters. The 24V 7.0Ah capacity can provide up to 10 miles of range.

Swagtron Battery: This battery is compatible with Swagtron Swagger 5 Elite electric scooters. It has a 36V 6.0Ah capacity and can provide up to 11 miles of range.

Xiaomi Scooter Battery Pack

Xiaomi Mi Battery: Compatible with Xiaomi Mi electric scooters. Its 280Wh capacity can provide up to 18.6 miles of range.


Unfortunately, replacement batteries are not cheap. Price may vary on several factors but it typically ranges from $100-$500. 

We would suggest avoiding replicas. Their low price may seem to be a good deal, but it may not offer the same level of efficiency, reliability, or safety as a more expensive battery. Plus, using a battery that has not been approved by the scooter’s manufacturer, will void the scooter’s warranty. 

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